Favorite Resources


I value books, podcasts, and neat people that approach business and creativity holistically. Below are a few of my favorites.

For Doing the Work

Time Management

Working Through Blocks




Business Resources

Human Marketing

  • Gather the People by Sarah J. Bray (an honest, connection-based approach to rallying people around your work)

Online Bookkeeping

Money Resources

Approaches to Business

  • Zingerman's Guide to Good Leading  (written by a super successful businessman who believes that good things start with taking care of and knowing ourselves)
  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown (simple but powerful principles around directing energy/making choices)


  • I made a pinterest board of websites I love (many Squarespace sites) that are simple and clear. Check it out.


    Fuel & Inspiration




    (all searchable on itunes or stitcher)

    • Startup (a podcast about starting a podcast company)
    • Being Boss (Entrepreneurship stuff- I particularly like this episode with life coach Jay Pryor, this one on Creating a Business Model, this one on SEO for Creative People, this one with Meg Keene of A Practical Wedding, and this one with Brenê Brown.)
    • Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert (on working through creative blocks)
    • The Have Company podcast 
    • Dear Sugar Radio (for life's tough shit)
    • Success On Your Terms with Jenny Shih (some really smart points on awareness around blocks, specifying priorities, and embodiment)
    • Hurry Slowly

    Note: I've linked to Amazon for the books, but you probably have an awesome independent bookstore that would love your dollars.