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My Approach: Map Your Movement

Creating our great work— the stuff that fuels us and reflects our gifts— starts with getting honest about what we need and value.

Growing creative work well involves paying attention and acting with intention. It’s about learning to see and lean into your strengths, values, and past experiences- the blend that shapes your one-of-a-kind work- and narrowing your focus so that you direct your energy according to those values.

It involves systems and habits that care for yourself, and collaborations and partnerships with like-minded people, so you aren’t trying to do it all on your own.

It is equal parts mindset and action.

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Map Your Movement is a four-phase cycle for connecting to and growing our great work with more momentum, clarity + ease.

This process:

  •  Allows us to tune into our intuition, so we can take stock of our needs, values, and priorities, and align our action from this place.

  • Gathers all the parts of who we are and what we already know , and uses these as the foundation for what we want to build .

  • Encourages us to adapt an experimental mindset, get comfortable taking intentional risks, reflect on our progress, and adjust as we go.

The Map Your Movement phases:

  • Phase one: Move (in) | Get honest about your needs and values. Learn tools that help you notice and adjust, and connect to your body and intuition. Clarify your intentions for the future.

  • Phase Two: Move (closer) | Get specific about the core message that drives your work, so you can articulate and share what you do. Create parameters to help you avoid doing everything for everyone.

  • Phase Three: Move (forward) | Use aligned communications, projects, partnerships, and work habits to move you closer to your goals. Frame your work as an experiment.

  • Phase Four: Reflect and adjust | Learn from your movement and patterns. Begin the cycle again.


This blend of principles, tools, and resources is taught through a series of classes. I also help you apply this process to your business or creative endeavor through one-on-one advising in Minneapolis or remotely by phone or Zoom.

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8 Principles for Growing Creative Work Well

These principles guide the Map your Movement Process.


Lean into what you have— your one-of-a-kind genius.
Create from the irreplicable blend of your past experiences, knowledge, obsessions, resources, and values. Use what you have to make what you need.

Embrace an experimental mindset.
Experimenting pushes us to take risks, and reminds us that everything is information— regardless of the outcome. It provides a little bit of space and perspective between who we are, and what we create.

Get to know yourself.
Notice your priorities, needs, and values, as well as your fear, stuck places, and patterns. Practice noticing without judgement; change begins with paying attention. Play with small shifts instead of “burning it all down.”

Connect to your body.
Your body is a source of wisdom— home of your intuition. It’s way more reliable than logic or your ego.

Create  limitations.
Clarify the mission and core beliefs that drive your work, and use these as parameters for your projects and action. Focus your energy in alignment with your priorities; avoid doing everything for everyone.

Find your foundation.
You are your greatest resource. What do you need to care for yourself?

Pair internal shifts - mindset adjustments- with tangible action.
Start before you’re ready, and learn as you go.

All movement is movement; progress isn’t linear.
The act of connecting to our great work is a continual process; we peel back layers of the onion and slowly get closer to the core— the thing that brings us most alive.  

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