Laura Holway

Hello, my name is Laura Holway.

I'm an artist & curator in Minneapolis that writes & makes plans for creative small businesses.

Laura Holway

I make dances and produce art-driven events in intimate spaces around the Twin Cities.

Art cracks us open, builds community, and helps us know ourselves better. Read more about my performance and curatorial work.

I also support small business owners with digital content writing, coaching, and strategic planning, so they can grow their work and online presence.

My process helps you get clear about your expertise, goals, and next steps so you can move forward with focused momentum. 

I believe that our outside-of-work lives provide an important foundation for our creative work.

In my outside-of-work life I throw dinner parties and rocks with my toddler. I'm married to Ben, who makes movies and an impressive salad dressing, and we like to drink a lot of coffee.

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