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When our creative work is aligned with our values, needs, and strengths, it brings us alive and helps us grow as people.

And the world needs more of that.

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My Approach

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Our creative work is essential— for both ourselves and the world.

It offers us energy, connection, financial support, and a way of caring for ourselves during uncertain times. It offers a way for our deep gifts to be seen. And it offers us a way to create what we want to see- to act as agents for change.

But when we don’t have the tools to zoom out and see the bigger picture of our work and the impact we hope to have with it, it’s hard to know where to direct our energy. We often find ourselves stuck— uncertain as to how to move forward, or repeating the same actions without the results we want.

I offer resources and support for finding alignment, focus and momentum, so you you can create ongoing movement in your creative work and in your life.

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About Laura


My own creative work- as a dance artist, writer, and consultant- has supported all kinds of shifts in my life and my growth as a person, as I’ve learned to create in more intentional, sustainable ways.

My process, Map Your Movement, offers you these same tools and approaches for finding clarity and momentum in your own work, so you can grow a business or art practice that’s honest to who you are, doesn’t completely burn you out, supports your life, and has the impact you desire.

I believe that growth is a continuous cycle of moving, reflecting and adjusting; progress isn’t linear. When we commit to bringing more of who we are and what we need to what we make, we create what we most need to find.

(Pictured here: my karaoke power pose, of course.)

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Work with Laura to set goals for your business, deepen your creative practice, and develop new methods of support so you can grow your great work.

Move(in): laying the foundation for intentional creative work.

Online: Fall, 2019

Support your business planning and creative growth with worksheets and reflection exercises, and list of Laura’s favorite books, podcasts, and resources.

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Working with Laura was the best thing I could have possibly done for my business and spirit - she tapped into who I was and my creative style right away and seemed to effortlessly craft our sessions around that….It was so validating to step into the process and feel like, ‘No WONDER I was so overwhelmed before...’
— Lynn O’Brien, singer/songwriter