Finding Focus

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The woo woo topic of manifesting is on my brain. 

Is there something you want to make happen? Have you told anyone? Have you made space for it in your schedule and life? Are you willing to let other, less important things go so that you can make it happen? This is what I'm thinking about. 

June was a beautiful month, because I had a #blessed break from teaching my 150 sweet-but-energetically-taxing dance students. That break goes through August!

It’s a seemingly innocent eight classes, one day a week. But, I didn’t realize it was really taking a lot out of me until I took a break.
Last month, in its place, I put my focus on business things. For the first timein five years of seeing clients I said, Hello, I am open for business! This is what is getting my focus this month! It was daunting, but really fruitful. 95% of my spots filled; the work invigorates me.
And my big point is that this was only successful, I think, because I actually made some space for it, and admitted to myself (holy vulnerability) that I really wanted it, and that other things could go on the back burner for a while.
What do you really, really care about and want to throw your energy at?
What, in a perfect world, would you like to do in 5 years? Could you start doing part of this now? Can you create opportunities that support this (or make space for them to find you)?
Finding focus is less about what you need to say ‘no’ to, and more about getting clear about what you WANT. 

Which can be really intimidating-- to admit to what you want. If it's FREAKING YOU OUT, you're in good company. Let's freak out together, or take some deep breaths. 

Chances are that, when you get clear about what you really want, you'll stop some of the other stuff, or figure out how the other stuff can fuel/support your main focus. I had a colleague ask me about writing about dance this month. I really like him, but the word NOOOOOOO! spilled out of my mouth before I could even think it through properly. 

Our best energy is really freaking precious.

Struggling to get clear about what gets your focus?

  • Try writing a manifesto or "this I believe" statement. What work/projects can support this manifesto? (I continue to revise my manifesto for making creative work, which I shared this winter.)

  • I love the somewhat daunting question: What do you want to be known for?

  • Or: Go analog; make space; hang out in nature and listen; go look at/watch some art.

Want a good non-traditional business book? I'm really enjoying A Lapsed Anarchists Approach to Managing Ourselves (which I found used online for a cheaper price than this mentions). It has a whole section on writing a visioning statement, which I particularly love.

What kinds of possibilities would you like to set in motion for your future self? Please drop me an email and share.