an intuitive approach to goal setting & creative growth.


October 7 - November 10

Offered Online


What kind of growth would feel good, and what’s in the way?

How can your creative work feel more sustainable, and what are the steps in this direction?

Move(in) combines long-term goal setting with tools and practices for getting un-stuck and clarifying what you REALLY want. It is for you, the creative human that wants to find more ease, satisfaction, focus, and impact through your work.

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Begin to realign your work with your needs without going on a retreat, burning it all down and starting over, or waiting for the perfect moment.

Over five weeks, Move(in) helps you make space to reconnect to yourself and what you long for most. It offers you a set of tools, written reflections, and guiding practices that support you as you make small shifts towards realigning your business or creative endeavor with your needs, desires, and values. 

Move(in) helps you:

  • Clarify your own guiding values, needs, and priorities

  • Take stock of your subconscious beliefs, and how they influence your working patterns

  • Learn tools for accessing your intuition and checking in with your body

  • Create a long-term plan that grows from your needs + some next step priorities you can act on right now

  • Learn to let go of projects and ideas that aren’t serving you (and address any discomfort around this)

  • Dial-in on your own work and goals, so you aren’t confused or distracted by what your peers and colleagues are putting into the world

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Class includes:

  • 5 weeks of downloadable lessons: written + audio options (1-2 lessons/week)

  • Access to the class community via Mighty Network 

  • Two optional Zoom (video conferencing) office hour sessions with Laura + classmates

  • Weekly (low-fi) videos to guide your progress

  • The Move(in) workbook

  • Reflect + Adjust Quarterly Tracker (printable download)

Class content is delivered via Mighty Network and Soundcloud. Lessons include writing exercises, embodiment, and tips for implementing new habits and work rituals. Activities and exercises are designed to take 1-2 hours per week and complement your regular work/creative practice. 

All content is downloadable, so you can complete lessons at your own pace.


Class outline:

  • Week One: Foundations | Reflection Practices + Experimentation

    Lesson 1: Cultivating Openness

    Lesson 2: Cultivating Self-trust

  • Week Two: Connecting to Your Intuition

    Lesson 3: Introduction to intuition

    Lesson 4: Working with discomfort

  • Week Three: Clarifying Needs

    Lesson 5: Identifying core values

    Lesson 6: Letting go + creating space

  • Week Four: Envisioning the Future

    Lesson 7: Creating your Mondobeyondo list

  • Week Five: Fuel for the Journey

    Lesson 8: Working with time, money, boundaries and support

    Lesson 9: Integrating class content into your work



This is for you, the creative human…

  • Feeling stuck or chronically dissatisfied— unsure of the next move or what growth looks like for you.

  • Ready for more alignment and less burn-out in your work.

  • Pulled by lots of ideas, to-dos, ambitions + projects, and looking for more focus and clarity.

  • Looking for more clarity around your needs, values, and long-term goals.

  • Wanting to deepen your connection to your body and intuition.



During the 5 weeks of this class, you will…

  • Make space to reflect on your business, life, and/or creative practice, and engage with the materials (estimated: 1-2 hours/week, including assignments)

  • Create a Mighty Network profile + join our class group

  • Share your thoughts and experiences with your classmates via this group

  • Cultivate curiosity about yourself and future possibilities for your work and life

During this class, Laura will…

  • Email you the downloadable Move(in) workbook for you to print

  • Post content to our Mighty Network group and Sound Cloud page each week

  • Post weekly class conversation prompts to our Mighty Network group

  • Offer two zoom office hour times (video conferencing) to answer your questions + make space for class conversation


Kind Words From Past Participants

One of the most impactful experiences of my year.
If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated or stagnant, Laura’s class will breath fresh life into the creative part of your being. Her thoughts and exercises are insightful, illuminating, and wise.
These sessions were amazing, and Laura is a really fantastic teacher.
The segments & readings we did about intuition stuck the most for me. I’m a person who doesn’t make a lot of space for intuition. I feel like I now have an idea of how to help nurture it instead of blocking it out with noise.
A good way to find momentum if you’re feeling stuck. Laura provides a variety of resources, her own and from other professionals, that can give you ways to move forward.


Regular rate with print-your-own workbook: $195

Reduced/scholarship rate: $140, available for BIPOC + trans folx, and single parents. No need to apply— just choose ticket option when registering.

There are no refunds or exchanges. Wondering if this is the right fit for you? Please contact Laura with any questions using the form below.

Questions about whether or not this class is the right fit for you?

Reach out below or email hello[at]lauraholway[dot]com.

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