Advising Offerings

Map Your Movement | Part One: Foundations + Messaging

This three session package helps you find clarity around the foundation of your business or creative endeavor: what you do, for whom, why it’s valuable, and your future goals. We examine your own needs, values and strengths so you can grow an endeavor that supports you as a person and has the impact you desire.

I teach you tools for connecting to your intuition and give you written exercises that guide our sessions and inform your core business document— helping you bring more of who you are (including your past experiences + interests) to what you make. I connect the dots between your exercises, needs and our conversation in session one to create your core document, which we discuss and adjust in session two. In Session three I help you begin implementing changes— whether that means adjusting your website, planning communications, or creating new offerings.  

You get a final version of your core document to return as a guideline when you create new offerings, make plans, write communications, or face uncertainty about the value of your work.

Depending on your needs, your core document might include…

  • A manifesto or mission statement

  • Your guiding values

  • Language for talking about you and your endeavor (an ‘about’ page and/or suggested tagline)

  • A breakdown of your offerings

  • A suggested website layout

  • A long-term vision for your endeavor, and concrete actions to take in the next 6 months

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This package includes:

An exercise booklet to focus our work

A core messaging document articulating your values and intentions, as well as your ‘about’ copy and positioning

Three advising sessions (2 x 90 minutes, 1 x 75 minute) with between session email support

Investment: $850 (additional 60 minute sessions available for $85)


Map Your Movement | Part Two: Intentional Movement

Together we use the intentions and business foundation we’ve articulated in part one as a launch pad for intentional experimentation that moves you towards your long-term goals.

Over three months we...

  • Focus your energy on a couple of key intentions

  • Make a plan for sharing your work through consistent communications (i.e. a newsletter or social media)

  • Develop consistent, foundational work habits

  • Create collaborations, partnerships and other “fuel” for momentum

  • Strengthen your vulnerability muscles

In session one we create a plan that guides your three months of focused work. Sessions are supported by additional worksheets that help you get specific with your time, lean into your mission, and work intentionally.

This offering is for clients that have either completed Part One of the process, or who have a firm grasp on their core messaging and guiding values.

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This package includes:

• Exercises + worksheets to focus our work

• A core plan (created together in the first session) to guide your guide your action for the quarter

• Five advising sessions (1 x 90 minutes, 4 x 60 minutes) with between session email support

Investment: $870 (additional 60 minute sessions available for $85)


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