Featured Projects

I write, curate, choreograph and produce a range of projects with awesome collaborators. Here are some of my favorites.


You Bring the Party

(Curator & Producer)

Part performance, part art party, YBTP was made for the brokenhearted. Featuring work from Emily Gastineau, Billy Mullaney, Taylor Baldry, and Rachel Jendrzejewski, with additional performances by Erika Hansen, Blake Nellis, Charles Campbell and Moheb Soliman. 

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(Contributing Writer)

Minnesota Playlist instigates conversation in the performing arts community, and runs a free public calendar of Minnesota performance.

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Open Field

(Curator & Coordinator)

Open Field brought artists and the public together on the Walker Art Center's outdoor green space for classes, a curated music series, a night of cat video watching, and over 60 public programs taking place over 8 weeks. Open Field is what we make together.                          

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Small Art III | Summer 2013 | curator

Living Room Series

(Curator & Producer)

Small Art creates community through art events in small spaces. We've shared work from 20 artists in a range of disciplines.

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Small Dances | Winter, 2014 | choreographer

Small Dances

(Producer & Choreographer)

This performance work was created to encourage community during the Minnesota winter, and was hosted in 10 homes and artist studios around the Twin Cities. Featuring performances by Charles Campbell, Tom Lloyd, Erika Hansen and Lazer Goese.                          

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Walker Art Center  Blog

(Contributing Writer)

A summer of writing about Fluxus, updates from Open Field, and stories of local artists and their work. 

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