Story Mapping

I work with makers and small business owners of all kinds, from therapists and health coaches to photographers and visual artists. 

My clients want to grow their work-- build an audience, write a book, scale their products, launch a new endeavor, and work with more of the clients they love-- and struggle to find consistent, focused momentum, and confidence around what they do. 

This almost always stems from three things:

1) Messaging confusion. An inability to clearly see and communicate your expertise- what you do, who it's for, and why it's valuable.

2) A lack of clarity around future goals and the values that drive them. You need help seeing the big-picture- getting specific about what you're growing towards.

3) Movement without a plan. And not just any plan, but a plan that takes into account both your deep expertise and long-term goals. Without a plan, you continue to waste time overthinking your next move, working in spurts and then coming to a stand still, and feeling uncertain. 

My Process

My Story Mapping process digs deeply into YOU, and your individual creative puzzle, helping you identify your stuck places and see you potential for growth.

I use a combination of exercises, investigating (looking at your website and past work), and deep listening to consider your past experiences, learning moments, interests, values, and desires, and how these factors define and propel (or get in the way of) your creative work. This information helps us find clarity around your ideas, expertise, and goals. And this clarity helps us make a plan for growing work that is more impactful and satisfying- for you.

You get my best dot-connecting brain, resource suggestions, and feedback and accountability as you work. 


Please contact me for a pdf outlining the details of each offering.

Website content writing packages (3 sessions, copy, and next-steps document) start at $750.

Story Mapping requires a three-session commitment ($330) for new clients.

Ongoing sessions for current clients are $90 for 75-minutes. 

Note: I have 1-2 sliding scale single sessions available per month- please ask if you need this option.

Wondering if I'm a good fit for your needs? Let's find a time to connect for a 15-minute phone check-in.

Kind Words

I expected that we would analyze my website and talk about marketing and social media, but what I received was so much more powerful and valuable: gaining the clarity and confidence to declare who I was as a practitioner and a businesswoman.
— Jesse Haas, Wellness Minneapolis
Laura’s sessions helped make my decisions more specific. Targeting the exact moves that I want to be making— which she helped me clarify and articulate— was so helpful. Also: the process was really therapeutic. 
— Kristen Graves, Singer/songwriter
Laura really helped me come away with a clear picture of who I am and and who I aim to serve. I was able to share everything that is swirling around in my head, and receive a plan for going forward that reigns me in, and gives me more clarity and focus. 
— Michelle Alcon, Nutritionist
Laura is incredible. She has a wonderfully balanced and complete skill set - organized, thorough, word-smithy, and wise; present, warm, and supportive. I came away with confidence in myself and my business, and clear messaging that authentically represents what we do. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Keren Gudeman, Improv Parenting

More About Laura

I’m a teacher, maker, writer, director, and producer. As a scrappy artist working on productions with tiny budgets, I’ve worn all the hats necessary for making things happen: writing press releases and grants and copy; coordinating teams; managing budgets; overseeing events. I am equally excited about the big picture and the nitty gritty details (and hard work) necessary to get there. 

My feedback is designed to serve you. I credit the Red Eye Theater’s Works In Progress program and artist Liz Lerman (check out her Critical Response Process) with teaching me to give (and accept) helpful feedback. My suggestions and advice give priority to your vision-- the thing you’ve given your best care, creative energy and hard work to.

I love a puzzle. Creative work is exactly this. I get to take a good look at the the big picture of your work, and the smaller pieces (website, social media, messaging, work habits, collaborations) that make up this big picture. 

I see your expertise. My superpower is uncovering your superpowers. And making plans.

I've been there. It's a terribly vulnerable thing to put your creative work into the world, and nearly impossible to get objective about something that's so very personal. I'm honored to support your process.