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Laura Holway

Hello, my name is Laura Holway.

I'm an artist that supports creative people and human-centered businesses through strategic planning, coaching and writing.

I help you find clarity and focus around your expertise, envision long-term goals, and communicate what you do with authenticity and consistency. I want you to find that sweet spot of building work that's both satisfying and impactful. Because that's what makes us come fully alive- and the world needs more of that.

Do you need updated website content or a newsletter that connects authentically to your audience? I do these things, too.

I'm excited about leaning into the human side of business: Plans that prioritize our values, needs, and individual expertise; methods of working that care for our bodies and our work. I believe that all of this leads to growth.

If you're looking for my performance and curatorial projects, they live here.  

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