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Laura Holway

Hello, my name is Laura Holway.

I'm an artist that works with creative business owners. 

Do you need a website that captures the heart and nuances of what you do? Do you want to rally your audience around your new project in an authentic way? Could you use a couple of systems? I do these things so you can grow your work. 

I also make performance and curate a series of art-driven events in intimate spaces around the Twin Cities.

Art cracks us open, instigates dialogue, brings us together, and helps us know ourselves better. 

All of my work is rooted in collaboration, and fueled by a desire to connect neat people and interesting ideas. I believe that small, consistent, focused actions lead to big, awesome things.

You can book a mini session during the month of June, or contribute text to my upcoming performance project, BETTER

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My Work



Writing, coaching, and strategic planning for creative businesses.

Open Field at the Walker Art Center

Past Projects 

From Open Field at the Walker Art Center to a performance party for the brokenhearted.      

Upcoming: BETTER

Coming to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in November.                


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