Upcoming class: Move(in)

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Map Your Movement is an iterative process for growing intentional creative work.

This five class series teaches the first phase of the process— Move(in).

Offered in Minneapolis, February 2019


Our creative work can give us energy, connection, and financial support. It can allow our deep gifts to be seen, and help us shape the world we want to see.

Many of us, however, are stuck in the cycle of idea overwhelm: saying ‘yes’ to every project almost to avoid making space for what we really long to create. We hustle constantly, but aren’t finding deep satisfaction with either the process or the result.

Over 5 weeks we will:

  • Clarify our own guiding values, needs, and priorities

  • Take stock of our subconscious beliefs, and how they influence our working patterns

  • Learn tools for accessing our intuition and checking in with ourselves

  • Create a long-term plan that grows from our needs + some next step priorities we can act on right now

  • Learn to let go of projects and ideas that aren’t serving us (and address the discomfort around this)

Laura will share the foundations of her approach, and leave space for written exercises, movement + breath work, and group sharing.


Class breakdown:

Weeks One + Two: Recognizing our Intuition

Tools for checking in, working with discomfort + fear & understanding past patterns.

Week Three: Identifying Core Values

Noticing what you need, learning from jealousy, essentialism & letting go.

Weeks Four + Five: Envisioning the Future

Intuitive long-term planning, connecting to community, self-care & taking immediate action.

This is for you if….

  • You feel pulled by big ideas + ambitions, but don’t know how to start making them a reality

  • You want to shift your creative work (art practice, business, hobby, creative obsession…) so that it better aligns with your current life and needs

  • You’re searching for more satisfaction + impact from your creative work, and more clarity around your action

  • You have overwhelm from multiple creative endeavors, and need support as you reprioritize.