Hello, I'm Laura.

I am a performance maker. I throw a really good dinner party, and am excited about Minnesota winters (the seasonal hardship that unites us) and introducing neat people to one another (sometimes at the aforementioned dinner parties). My husband and I are raising a spicy toddler in Minneapolis.

I use a blend of copywriting, coaching and strategic planning to help creative people grow satisfying and impactful work.

The tools and process I've developed have grown from my own struggles as a creative person.

I know so well what it's like to feel stuck and frustrated— in a cycle of backpedaling and uncertainty. I know how easy it is for creative people to get in their own way, and how hard it is to write (and talk) about your work with certainty, get courageous about declaring goals, get comfortable with money (!) and see your own genius. 

My goal is to give creative people the support they need to get honest about what they want to build, and find consistent momentum as they work towards it.

I want you to make your best work (the kind that's completely YOU), and use it to fuel your life and shape the world you want to see. 

We can work together via Zoom or in person in Minneapolis. You can find out more about my process here, or subscribe to my newsletter— my favorite creative project right now.

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