About Laura


Hi! Thanks for visiting my internet home.

My name is Laura, and I am excited about the overlaps between life, work, and art.

Formally, I'm trained as an artist. I've created and directed performance work that's been produced throughout the Twin Cities, and curated events for spaces as small as my living room and as large as the Walker Art Center's lawn.

In the past five years, my work has transitioned a lot: Now I spent my days as a support person, writer, and chief dot connector/problem solver for people that want to build creative work that supports their lives, while building a more healthy, vibrant, and equitable world. (A mouthful, but true.)

This work has grown from my curiosity and resource gathering, my dissatisfaction as a burned out creative person (guilty of consistently over-identifying with her work), and my insistence that the world needs more people creating things from their hearts and guts.

I am constantly asking:

  • How do we direct our energy towards the places that will bring us ease, impact, and satisfaction?

  • How can we use vulnerability, creativity, and connection to fuel our work?

  • How can business be more human?

  • How can we move through stuck places so that we connect more consistently to focused momentum?

  • How can this all be playful and experimental, rather than feeling like a burden?

The good news is that there isn't a formula- there is always space to experiment and adjust, ask ourselves what we need, and learn from others (you can check out some of my favorite resources over here).

I work with clients on a variety of projects, including long-term planning and digital content writing. We can work together remotely or in person in Minneapolis, where I live with my family. You can find out more about my process here.

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