About Laura


Hello! I'm Laura.

I support creative people through a blend of coaching, writing, and strategic planning— so they can build satisfying, impactful work.

I do this by helping them...

  • Clarify their needs and values.

  • Focus and deepen their business vision, and articulate their expertise.

  • Create authentic communications (social media posts, newsletters + website copy).

  • Put more of who they are in what they do.

  • Learn to see their stuck patterns, and find more consistent momentum.

I believe that creating is radical— the opportunity to shape the world you want to see through your unique person and values.

But, we can't make our best work when we're stuck, and unable to clearly see what we're building.

I believe that momentum comes from....

  • An experimental mindset, which gives us permission to take intentional risks (and often create our best work in the process).
  • Taking the time to observe our patterns and habits.
  • Approaching our work holistically— because who we are and how we live impact what we make.
  • Collaboration and partnerships, which expand our audience reach and offer support.
  • Vulnerability, flexibility, and resourcefulness. 
  • Accessing our bodies and intuition.
  • Creating gentle parameters, so we aren't trying to do everything for everyone.

I am also a curator and dance maker.  My own creative work has included:

  • Producing an traveling in-home performance series.
  • Curating + coordinating the Walker Art Center's Open Field— more than 80 events in eight weeks for a crowd of thousands.
  • A blog about creative process.
  • Numerous small dances, made for homes, art galleries, and other public spaces.

My art has been presented as part of the Minnesota Dance Film Project, the Soap Factory's Artery 24, the Red Eye’s New Works: 4 Weeks Festival, Dances Made to Order, and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and generously supported by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, St. Olaf College, and the McKnight and Jerome Foundations. 

What else?

I am a left-brained right-brainer. I live in Minneapolis with my husband and spicy toddler, where I like introducing strangers to one another, bragging about Minnesota winters, and drinking lots of coffee (making parenthood possible since forever).  And Instagram

You can learn more about me through the links below:

Pratfalls of Parenting podcast | Braid Creative 

 Pollen Midwest interview  | Small Art in Knight Arts

Select clients include:

MinnesotaPlaylist.com, Wildflower Schools, Chicks On Sticks, Don't You Feel It Too?Lynn O'Brien Music, Jesse Haas, and Emma Freeman Designs.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

— Martha Graham

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